miércoles, 2 de diciembre de 2009

Piperspan Flute Dub

Piperspan Flute Dub - 2009
by pAndArOots


Yabby You & Mad Professor - Winds of Dub
Nations Vibration - Underground Flute
Casualty - Likidub
Tektonic Chamber - Outer Dub Prophecy
Faya Horns - Dubbing With The Kibutz
Scoop - Our Prophecy
Faya Horns - African Warrior Dub
The Nun Project - Sofa Theory
Mcpullish - Just Dub On
Semente da Paz - Groove I Dub
Unitone - Flute Dub
Javelin - Flutey Flakes

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many thanks to sharing this
its so good see a good response

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